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Vinyl-PVC Fencing
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 Vinyl-PVC Fencing
PVC - Vinyl-PVC Fencing

  • Plastic or Vinyl-PVC Fencing 

PVC / Vinyl:


Once known as only a shiny white fence or white plastic fence, PVC is now available in a multitude of earth-tone colors and textures. This allows you to match the fence to your homes exterior color. Our PVC fence system is a professional grade fence that is made to fit together by using routed posts and rails verses using weak brackets and screws. The benefits of having a professional grade fence installed are worth spending the few extra dollars. Don’t trust your fence installation to an amateur. Have it installed by Advanced Fencing!


Privacy fence, semi-privacy fence and picket fence are the main fence styles available in residential grade as well as commercial grade, with standard heights being 4’high to 6’high. Taller heights are available, but you may need to check local fencing regulations.


Don’t want a cookie-cutter fence? There are many decorative options to add to your new PVC fence to give it a more customized look. You can choose from many different post caps, picket caps and even mix and match colors. For example, tan pickets surrounded by white posts, caps and rails. Concave and convex top treatments are also available.


Our standard privacy style pedestrian gates are now welded PVC frames instead of riveted PVC frames, which is a much stronger and more attractive gate. Several gate latches are available from just plain gravity latches that can be locked using a pad lock to keyed locking systems that can be re-keyed to match your house key.


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