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Agricultural Fencing
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Agricultural Fencing

  • Agricultural Fencing by Advanced Fencing

Traditionally, farm & ranch fence is constructed of wood. Wire mesh or barbed wire can be added for more security whether your goal is to keep animals in or out. Through the years PVC / Vinyl rail fence has become a popular choice in farm and ranch fencing.


Wood Styles 


Typically 4-1/2” x 6’6” round posts are used for the line posts and 5-6” x 8’ round posts are used at all corners or ends. All posts are pressure treated white pine and are set on 8’ centers. A 1” x 6” x 16’ rough sawn pressure treated white pine board will make the rails of the fence. We stagger the rails during installation so the seams do not fall out on the same post. Facing the seams with a 1” x 6” board is always a good idea. If any type of wire is used an “H” brace will be built at all corners and ends. This gives the fence the strength to hold the wire tight once it is stretched and nailed or stapled up. Wire can be added to all styles of wood farm and ranch fence for added security.   


Ranch Rail 

This is a 2, 3 or 4 board fence where the boards are horizontal across the posts


Cross buck 

This style uses 4 boards. One on the top and one on the bottom and the two boards in the middle make and “X”. Once installed this style of fence will be approximately 48” - 50” tall.


2 x 4 Non Climb Wire

The 2 x 4 Non Climb Wire is specifically designed to keep “hoofed” animals from steeping through or walking down the fence. The mesh is a 2” x 4” narrow vertical rectangle. The galvanized zinc coated class III wire will last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance. The wire is stretched tight and then nailed or stapled to the wood posts. We recommend adding a “top rail”, which is a 1” x 6” x 16’ board, across the top to help keep the fence in line and give it a little extra strength. Those of us who have had horses and cows know that they like to scratch or rub on anything they can get near. Once installed this style of fence will be approximately 50” tall.


Field Fence 

Barbed Wire 


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